Northern Land Use



PublicationsChena River Waterfront
Historical Development of the Chena River Waterfront, Fairbanks, Alaska: An Archaeological Perspective. (10 volumes; available on CD-ROM)

pdf Update on The North Point Site
The North Point Site (SUM-025), located north of Petersburg, Alaska, was discovered in 1994 by NLUR as part of a US Forest Service timber sale EIS. It was test excavated in 1994-1995 and was re-investigated by Pete Bowers and USFS Archaeologists briefly in 2005. It is arguably one of the two or three most important archaeological discoveries in SE Alaska in the last 20 years. SUM-025 is an intertidal wet site with remarkable organic preservation dating to about 2200-2800 years ago.

pdf Deering Archaeology Project
Archaelogical excavations were undertaken in the native village of Deering, Northwest Alaska between 1997 and 1999. Work on the background research, analysis and report pertaining to the Deering Archaeological Program was on hold between 2003 and 2005 due to funding cuts. However, funding has been recently restored and NLUR has resumed work on one of the most important archaeological districts in the western Arctic. An update and summary of this program is provided here.

pdf Anaktuvuk Pass Project
A summary of our technical report on the Anaktuvuk Pass Archaeological Project is currently being published in Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska. The Kame Terrace Site is a spatially and functionally complex site containing both prehistoric and historic components.

pdf Technological Analysis of a Culturally Modified Mammoth Tusk
A recently discovered mammoth tusk from the Seward Peninsula was loaned to NLUR for study. This 35,000 year old specimen exhibits distinctive cut and hack marks which were clearly the result of human activity. We describe this artifact and review mammoth ivory technology from throughout Alaska and Siberia. This paper is currently being published in Journal of Archaeological Science.

pdf History of Mining on Upper Fish Creek, Fairbanks, Alaska
Prepared by Andrew S. Higgs and Robert A. Sattler Northern Land Use Research, Inc. P.O. Box 83990 Fairbanks, Alaska 99708

pdf Commodity Flow and National Market Access: A Case Study from Interior Alaska

pdf Looking Back: Edgar Kallands’ Serum Run

pdf Flake Dispersal Experiments: Noncultural Transformation of the Archaeological Record

pdf People and Wildlife in Northern North America: Essays in hono of R. Dale Guthrie

pdf A Giant in the Rainforest: Frederica de Laguna’s Contributions to the Anthropology of Southeast Alaska

pdf AMS Re-dating of the Carlo Creek Site, Nenana Valley, Central Alaska

pdf Hair analysis in sled dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) illustrates a linkage of mercury exposure along the Yukon River with human subsistence food systems

pdf Technical aspects of a worked proboscidean tusk from Inmachuk River, Seward Peninsula, Alaska

pdf An exploratory study of total mercury levels in archaeological caribou hair from northwest Alaska

pdf Geological and Cultural Context of the Nogahabara I Site

pdf The Origin of Thule is Always Elsewhere: Early Thule within Kotzebue Sound, Cul de Sac or Nursery?

pdf The early Holocene Milankovitch thermal maximum and humans: adverse conditions for the Denali complex of eastern Beringia

pdf Stability and Change in the Use of Place at the Kame Terrace Site, Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska

pdf Migratory Bird Harvest in Northwestern Alaska: A Zooarchaeological Analysis of Ipiutak and Thule Occupations from the Deering Archaeological District

pdf A Terminal Pleistocene Child Cremation and Residential Structure from Eastern Beringia

pdf Supporting Online Material for: A Terminal Pleistocene Child Cremation and Residential Structure from Eastern Beringia

pdf Little Delta Dune Site: A Late-Pleistocene Multicomponent Site in Central Alaska

pdf The Hayes Tephra Deposits, an Upper Holocene Marker Horizon in South-Central Alaska