Northern Land Use



Fairbanks Office

 Burr Neely



Burr Neely, M.A., R.P.A.
General Manager

Burr is a recognized leader in cultural resource management in Alaska.  He currently serves as NLURA General Manager and is tasked with all aspects of business management including strategic planning, business development, contract compliance, quality control, and personnel.  Additionally, he has conducted and managed a wide range of archaeological projects from fieldwork through analysis and reporting over the last 18 years. He now typically focuses on projects where further environmental or permitting documentation is required (NEPA/FERC) or where additional management documents are requested, such as Historic Property Management Plans, Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plans, Memoranda of Agreement, and Programmatic Agreements.  Burr has authored or co-authored over 30 technical reports covering all aspects of historic and prehistoric archaeology in the Western U.S. and Alaska, with particular emphasis in architectural history.  Burr also presents at regional and national conferences as a subject matter expert on cultural resource management processes, particularly consultation and interested party engagement.

Molly Proue Molly Proue, M.A., R.P.A.
Senior Project Archaeologist

Molly has thirteen years of archaeological experience, including ten years in Alaska. She has worked in academic, museum, and cultural resource management settings. At NLURA, she has served as a project manager, GIS coordinator, and lead field archaeologist. Her areas of specialization include GIS, field survey, project management, technical writing/editing, excavation, historical research, ceramic analysis, ethnohistory, and the history and prehistory of Arctic, Interior, and Southwest Alaska.

NLUR Mary Ann Sweeney, M.A.
GIS Coordinator

Mary Ann has twenty years of Alaskan archaeological and historical research experience working in CRM, academic, and government agencies. Current interests include GIS, historical archaeology of mining and frontier settlements, late prehistory, culture contact and change, zooarchaeology, and public outreach

RCB Photo for Website Robert Bowman

Rob has six years of Alaskan archaeological field and lab experience and four years of experience operating multiple Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems as a student with University of Alaska Fairbanks Geology Department and Northern Land Use Research Alaska. His areas of specialization include GPR data collection and analysis, GIS, field survey, excavation, lithic analysis, sediment analysis, and 3D modeling.

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Jill Baxter-McIntosh
Lab Coordinator

Jill has five years of Alaskan archaeological experience. She currently serves as the Lab Coordinator at NLURA and is tasked with the supervision of all lab operations including artifact cataloging and analysis, collection management, and specialized analysis including X-ray florescence and 3D scanning technology. Areas of interests include 3D scanning technology and its application to archaeological collections, field survey and excavation, zooarchaeology, and prehistoric and historic archaeology of the Arctic, Interior, Southeast, and Southwest Alaska.


Jennifer Clapp
Administrative Assistant

Jennifer serves as NLURA’s Fairbanks Administrative Assistant. She has experience in operational support, business management, administration, logistics coordination, event planning and coordination, purchasing and travel.

Anchorage Office

Andy Higgs

Andy Higgs, M.A., R.P.A.
Senior Project Archaeologist

Andy has over twenty-five years of archaeological experience, including twenty years in Alaska. He earned a B.A. in Anthropology (College of William and Mary) followed by a M.A. in Anthropology (University of Alaska). He has experience in cultural resource management, field survey and archaeological excavation, as well as archival research. He has worked on projects both as a principal investigator, project manager and field archaeologist for NLURA. Andy has prior experience with colonial sites archaeology from Virginia, and farmstead archaeology in Illinois. He specializes in Alaska historical, industrial, and prehistoric archaeology, as well as mining landscapes, material culture studies, contemporary archaeology, ethnohistory, and site formation processes. He is the author of numerous cultural resource technical reports, and contributor to several publications on Alaska’s history and archaeology. Andy has presented the results of his research at numerous professional conferences and public talks.

MRB_Photo_Compressed Morgan R. Blanchard, Ph.D., R.P.A.
Senior Project Archaeologist

Morgan has fourteen years archaeological experience, with six years Alaskan experience, in historical research and archaeology. He has experience in field survey, archaeological excavation, archival and historical research. He specializes in historical archaeology with an emphasis on military archaeology, communications archaeology, and mining archaeology. He has worked as a field archaeologist and field supervisor for the survey and excavation of settlements, mining and military sites in Alaska, California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. He brings with him prior experience in historic and archaeological research from the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation, the University of Nevada, Reno, and the Tanana Chiefs Conference.

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Jason Rogers, Ph.D.
Senior Project Archaeologist

Jason has over fifteen years of experience in archaeology and anthropology, with ten years in Alaska. He has directed or participated in numerous Phase I, II, and III archaeological survey, testing, and mitigation projects. Jason has worked on both commercial and academic research projects across Europe and North America. For the last ten years he has focused on archaeological survey, analysis, and data recovery from locations ranging from Central European rivers to the Aleutian Islands, Bering Sea, and Arctic Ocean. His specialties include marine geophysical data analysis and interpretation, paleoenvironmental studies, and coastal and maritime cultures and adaptations. Jason maintains academic affiliations with the University of Exeter (UK), and teaches Maritime and Underwater Archaeology as an adjunct professor at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. He has presented the results of his research at numerous professional conferences, public talks, and other outreach venues.

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Lindsay Argo, M.A., RPA
Operations Manager

Lindsay provides planning, scheduling, logistics, and operational support for NLURA project archaeologists and researchers.  She holds a B.A. in Anthropology (Eckerd College), and a M.A. in Anthropology (University of Cincinnati). Her expertise in the areas of planning and scheduling complex inter-related projects assures that NLURA project tasks are carried out in a timely, cost-effective manner that provides on time and on budget deliverables to our clients. She has eight years of archaeological experience with four years Alaska experience in cultural resources management, desktop research and reporting, field survey and archaeological excavation, as well as archival research.  She has statewide research and fieldwork experience, particularly with FERC and NEPA-driven projects in Interior Alaska and the North Slope of Alaska.  Ms. Argo has worked on projects as a lead field archaeologist for NLURA.  She specializes in field survey strategies, archaeological excavation techniques, ceramic analysis, and material culture studies.

Michaela Phillips Michaela Kamalei Phillips
Archaeologist / Office Coordinator

Michaela was born and raised in Alaska and has lived in many communities across the state.  She holds a BA in Anthropology (University of Alaska Anchorage) and is currently pursuing a BSc in Geomatics, emphasizing in Geographic Information Systems (University of Alaska Anchorage).  During her undergraduate studies, she held internship positions with the State Historic Preservation Division office for the Island of Hawaii, and the State of Alaska, Office of History and Archaeology.  Michaela has six years of research and technical experience dealing with many aspects of archaeological field and laboratory work regarding cultural resources management.  She has worked throughout Alaska, the Island of Hawaii, and briefly in central Egypt.  Michaela’s research interests include zooarchaeology and faunal analysis, landscape archaeology and the application of GIS to identify and interpret cultural landscapes, pacific island archaeology, and Egyptology.

NLUR_LogoSml Myles Alan Gobeille
GIS Specialist

Myles has 10 years of GIS-related experience. He holds a BS in Earth and Environmental Sciences (Lehigh University) with a focus on geology. Myles moved to Alaska in 2004 and has been working with various GIS and GPS systems since 2005.  His field experience includes GIS technician roles for proposed pipeline surveys of cultural resources, wetlands and streams, raptor/endangered species, bathymetry studies, and noise pollution as well as environmental contamination and remedial site investigations. His GIS experience includes GIS field data capture, geodatabase design, creation and management, data QA/QC and analysis, map design, creation and editing, and GPS system and program troubleshooting.

rwc_nlura_emp Robert W. Clark, M.S.
GIS Specialist 

Rob has been working with GIS since 2012 and recently completed a Master’s of Geographic Information Science at Michigan Technological University. After a brief stint in Arctic offshore research Rob decided to stay in Alaska, joining NLURA December of 2015 providing GIS support on various projects from across the state. Rob enjoys all facets of spatial data, but tends to gravitate towards field data and spatial statistics. When not at his desk, Rob can be found on a fat bike, a pair of skis, or a long walk in the mountains.