Northern Land Use

Staff & Resources


Staff-and-Resources_3NLURA has been closely involved with cultural resource management in Alaska for twenty years and select senior staff have over thirty years of experience in the state. Our main Fairbanks office is currently staffed by over seven full-time archaeologists, supporting administrative assistant and office manager, and five or more part-time archaeologist technicians. Our second office in Anchorage is currently staffed by four full-time archaeologists. During the summer field season we have employed up to 40 seasonal workers for particular large-scale projects. We are strongly committed to local hire and provide employment opportunities to students from the University of Alaska in both Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Staff-and-Resources_2NLURA leases a 5,000 square-foot office with an in-house library, two archaeological laboratories (with vault for temporary artifact storage), a conference room, and storage space. Our private research library addresses all relevant aspects of northern environments, paleontology, prehistory, and history, and includes maps, rare and out-of-print books, historical photographs, contemporary journals, unpublished manuscripts, government reports, and standard reference resources. We have a confidentiality agreement in place with the Office of History and Archaeology making it possible for us to readily access the Alaska Heritage Resource Survey (AHRS) site database. Research on Alaskan land issues is easily accommodated by NLURA’s proximity to the University of Alaska, offices of the State Geological and Geophysical Surveys, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and lands offices of the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). We have close working relationships with these agencies.

Staff-and-Resources_4NLURA offers a wide variety of detailed laboratory analyses that promote high quality research in an expedient and efficient manner. We have developed catalogs and analytical databases for prehistoric and historic artifacts and faunal remains tailored specifically to Alaska to allow for standardized data collection. Our laboratory is equipped with standard binocular, petrological, and digital microscopes, balances, and Flote-Tech floatation systems to recover macrofossils from sediment samples. We also offer in-house high quality artifact photography and illustration. Our latest laboratory analytical equipment includes x-ray fluorescence (XRF) equipment used to characterize chemical composition of sediments, rocks, and artifacts. More details on NLURA’S laboratory services can be found under NLURA Services.

Staff & ResourcesWe have a multiple-station local area computer network, field computers, color printers, copy machines, CD-DVD writers, slide scanners, fax machines, and other peripheral hardware. Three of our workstations are dedicated full-time to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), AutoCAD™, and map production. We possess specialized film and digital photography equipment for detailed architectural recordation, including the perspective correcting lenses required for some architectural-grade photographs.

We own and operate a full range of archaeological field gear, including multiple Garmin™ and Trimble™ GPS units capable of sub-meter accuracy, Leica™ total stations and optical survey equipment, both mechanized and hand geoarchaeological coring equipment, metal detectors, satellite phones, and other field communications equipment. Most of our road-based transportation needs are met with our fleet of five 4WD drive trucks and two ATVs. The most recent addition to our field equipment includes a ground penetrating radar (GPR).